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secondbananas's Journal

Second Bananas - The LJ Community
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This is the livejournal version of the Second Bananas mailing list. The list and the community are for people who appreciate the lesser known characters of the DC comics universe.

Any and all discussion, fic, pics or scans are welcome - just remember to LJ-cut pictures and stuff that's really long. Welcome aboard!

Oh, and the list is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/secondbananas/ :-).

The Memories:

I'm hoping to build up the memories section for this journal into a really excellent resource on DC's second bananas. To that end, I'll be constantly adding memories from both this and many other journals. Any member of the group is welcome to do the same, but I'd like you to keep to this format if possible.

The memories are set up like this:

All Scans
All Fanfic
All Rants/Discussion/Speculation
All Other
Character One - All
Character One - Scans
Character One - Fanfic
Character One - Rants/Discussion/Speculation
Character One - Other
Character Two - All
Character Two - Scans
Character Two - Fanfic
Character Two - Rants/Discussion/Speculation
Character Two - Other
And so on...

The 'Scans' category is for memories of posts that have scans of the character (the scans_daily community has a lot of these), the 'Fanfic' category is obviously for fanfic, the 'Rants/Discussion/Speculation' category is for non-fiction writing, and the 'Other' category is for posts that contain links, original art, polls and anything else that I haven't thought of :-).

When you add a new memory you should put it in three categories. The 'All' category for the type, the 'All' category for the character, and the specific character/type category. Make sense? Ask me if you have any questions, and contribute away :-).